Bri. 21. Dancer.Psych major.

Fighting Depression.Horror lover.



SATX currently.


Always told myself when I get a house I’m gonna make a darkroom and get back into film photography, even though I only dabbled in it for a short while.

But idk if it was the developing chemical fumes but I got such a high developing my own film.

Come on Oct 8th!!!

Come on Oct 8th!!!

Cheer me up

Msgs, submissions, whatever send them.

Feeling neglected & ignored

Let me know how you feel about me.
I don’t know unless I’m told.
Otherwise I’ll always doubt it.
Don’t be like the others who I’ve opened up to, shared mutual feelings then wake up the next day to take it all back or simply never are heard from again.
Don’t be like them.

I guess I’m use to people not having time for me.
But I still put up with it…

Anonymous asked
Your butt is really fine. HQ pictures of it would deserve a gallery.

Thank you:). Hopefully I’ll have better photos soon:)